Billas A.S. | November 27, 2023 Antalya Dealer Meeting

Billas Lastik ve Kauçuk A.Ş. celebrated its 2023 dealer meeting in Granada Luxury Resort Belek/ANTALYA with the theme of “today, tomorrow, always” with the participation of approximately 65 business partners from all over Turkey with a special concept for its 12th year.

Under the leadership of Muhammed ÇEŞMELİ, Turkey Sales Manager, strategic plans for the Motorcycle Division OEM and aftermarket for 2024, dealer and business development plans, new product introductions, as well as general views were evaluated.

The 12th anniversary award ceremony, which was accompanied by special celebrations, was unforgettable.

Billas gave exciting moments with surprise awards to 12 Business Partners who made the highest turnover, showed the highest growth and completed their 10th year.

We would like to thank our business partners, with whom we have accomplished great things by working together on this long journey, who have been successful in their businesses, and everyone who has contributed to the production, sales, shipment and financing of our products, which we believe they have worked very hard for.

We hope to meet in 2024 with innovations and surprises at the traditional dealer meeting organized every year…


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